Please feel free to contact us if interested in participating in any of the following Hermon Church Ministries:

Leadership Development Cohorts– Grow in your own gifts and strengths in discipleship and mentoring programs.

Blessing Bags- Once a month we go into the encampments in our neighborhood and distribute bags full of water, food, sanitary supplies, and hope for those in need!

Prayer Group- We meet once a week to pray together and carry each other’s burdens of life.

Discipleship and Justice Class- We discuss the connection between our walk and growth in Christ with living lives that seek to uplift the marginalized and hearing the cries of the oppressed. How does our own faith relate to justice in the world and our community?

Women’s Small Group- Grow together in faith and community with a group specifically designed for women and the unique experiences found in following Jesus.

“The Conversation” Young Adults Group- Meet once a month with a group of young adults with open and honest conversations about life and faith.

Youth and Children’s Groups- Our kids meet weekly, for the moment on Zoom, to teach our children about how to live a life with Christ and each other!

Food Pantry- We store non-perishable food for those in need of groceries and help.

Sunday Services- The center of all our ministries is found during our gathering on Sunday Mornings at 11 am! We spend time in fellowship, prayer, scripture, preaching, reflecting, communion, worship, and blessing to send us into the world new and ready to transform as we are transformed!

Through it all, we seek to be a church that is active in partnering with God in bringing the tastes of Heaven to Earth!


Feel free to contact us for more information:


5718 Monterey Rd.

Los Angeles, CA, 90042

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